Apocalypse Later

A guide to the end of the world
by Nice Mr Death

God has asked Nice Mr Death to help the human race choose how they want the world to end.

As an impartial commentator, Nice Mr Death presents the End Times of the world’s major religions – Atheism and Scientology in-cluded – as well as those of some ancient civilisations.

This is a humorous and well-researched guide to mankind’s doomsday mythologies.

This book will change your afterlife.

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 Apocalypse Later

Paperback, £4.99
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“Speed manages to poke fun at a dangerous subject matter and get away with it ….as a crash course in populist theology it provides some intriguing tidbits.” Broadway Baby.

“Funny, fact-based & irreverent,” Dr Martin L Poulter; infobomb.org; Wikimedia Associate.

About the author

Mark Speed is a comedy writer and performer, with work broadcast on Radio 4 Extra’s sa-tirical show Newsjack. His four-star reviewed The End of the World Show was performed in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011 and 2012. One of his postgraduate qualifi-cations is an MA in Creative Writing (Novels) from City University. He’s lived, studied and worked throughout the UK, but currently lives with his books in London. In 1995 he was told he’d never run again, since which time he has completed several marathons.

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